Dora Photography provides online high quality custom photo retouching services and digital photo editing.

If you need improvements to your fashion model headshots and portfolios, pictures for your comp card or ZED, pageant photos, dating photos, family portraits, social networking, vacation photos, author photos, band publicity photos or just about any photo you like, let me retouch them for you.

I make people look good in photographs and I guarantee you will like your photo. First results not exactly what you envisioned? No problem, just send it back with comments for rework. I don't ask you to pay the full balance until you are completely satisfied with the photo. I'm working until 100% customer satisfaction.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

What can I do with your photos?

  • skin - enhance and smooth skin texture, marks, imperfections, tattoo removal, aging issues, digital facelift, flash glare or oily skin highlights removed
  • face - remove blemishes and facial wrinkles, bags under eyes, makeup enhancement
  • hair - fix hair style, remove hair strings, add some hair to remove gaps, correct hair color
  • eyes - bring emphasis to the eyes, cleanup eye whites, build eyelashes, remove creases, fix red eye from flash, change eye color
  • nose - reshape and resize, remove piercing and hair
  • ears - piercing removal, skin texture correction
  • lips - enlarge lips, saturate lip color and enhance lip gloss for more impact, lip wrinkles smoothed
  • teeth - brighten smile, remove gaps, resize or reshape teeth
  • body - reshaping, slimming, weight reduction, breast augmentation, double-chin removal, color tone adjustment
  • cloth - correct appearance, creases fixed, spots removal, color change
  • background - change to plain or artistic background, removal or addition of objects

How much does it cost?

It depends on the photo and the work you request. Most retouching work is between $6.98 and $29.98 per photo. Just submit your photos online now and I will get back to you with a firm quote. I won't start working on your photos until you accepted the quote. Remember, you only need to pay the full balance if you like the results. Depending on the work a 50% deposit may be necessary.

How does it work?

  1. Login or register
    Before uploading your photos, you need to login. If you don't have a username yet you need to register first.
  2. Upload your photos and tell me what you would like to have improved on them
    Send me your photographs need to be retouched by uploading them using the form on the right side. Click the 'upload photos' menu, drag&drop the photos you'd like to be retouched and wait until your photos are uploaded. You can upload multiple photos. Enter your requirements for each photo and click the 'submit' button to send us your order.
  3. I retouch the photos per your requirements
    I start working on the photos you sent me and may ask questions to ensure you are getting exactly what you envisioned. A deposit of 50% may be required. After completion of the work, you will receive a notification email that your photos are ready for review.
  4. Review the retouched photos
    After you received the notification email, login and review the retouched, watermarked photos. You can accept or reject each photo, or ask for further adjustments.
  5. Pay for the photos you accepted
    You only pay for photos you accepted. You can pay online by credit or debit card or PayPal.
  6. Download the retouched photos
    After payment has received you can immediately download the full size retouched photos without watermarks. You can download them as many times as you like. I keep your photos for at least 3 months.
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